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20/07/2023 Company News
Tung Huong – Helps Relieve Pain, Cure Acne, Boils, Skin Scabies

Tung incense or pine, high pine, and cedar are the solid part remaining after storing the resin of the ponytail pine. According to oriental medicine, pine incense has the effect of low...

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20/07/2023 Company News
The effect of frankincense

Pine incense is the remains after storing the resin of the horsetail pine tree to get the essential oil that has a sweet, bitter taste, aroma, and temperate properties. It has the effect...

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20/07/2023 Company News
Red pine essential oil - a precious gift for people with blood fat

Korean red pine essential oil has been proven to be effective in supporting blood fat reduction, supporting cardiovascular health and prolonging youth.

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20/07/2023 Company News
10 reasons why you need a bottle of pine essential oil

Pine essential oil has a warm and soothing scent that is great for relaxation, stress relief, concentration enhancement or pain relief.

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