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Red pine essential oil - a precious gift for people with blood fat

Red pine essential oil - a precious gift for people with blood fat
Date 20-07-2023 Views 1716

Korean red pine essential oil has been proven to be effective in supporting blood fat reduction, supporting cardiovascular health and prolonging youth.

The use of supporting blood fat reduction, supporting cardiovascular health and prolonging the youth of the thousand-year-old red pine tree on the rugged high mountains has been discovered by the Koreans since ancient times and recorded in many medical records. Famous ancient literature such as Dong Y Bao Giam of the "God doctor" Ho Jun or Shen Nong manuscript of the Chinese people.  

Today, along with the development of science and technology, the outstanding effects of red pine essential oil on human health have been proven more and more specifically by elaborate research works and applied in medicine. many fields from medical to beauty. 


The thousand-year-old red pine has the effect of supporting the reduction of blood fat, supporting cardiovascular health. (illustration)

A gift of health for people with blood fat and heart disease 

According to research by Chosun University, Korea, red pine essential oil contains 3 precious active ingredients: Terpinolene, 3-Caren and Limonene. 

In particular, terpinolene content of 180-260mg (equivalent to 18-26% density in each red pine essential oil tablet) helps promote blood circulation by dissolving cholesterol accumulated in blood vessels, helping to reduce blood fat, Helps reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries and stroke. 

Terpinolene also helps blood circulation, supports cardiovascular health, slows down the aging process, contributes to body rejuvenation by inhibiting cell oxidation effectively.  

Glycoginin in red pine leaves also helps to prevent and stabilize blood sugar. 

The vitamins and natural antibiotics in red pine essential oil work to help prevent the formation of melanin, keep the skin healthy, reduce pigmentation, freckles, fade blemishes, tighten pores, fight wrinkles. , support to strengthen the immune system for the skin in particular and the body in general. 

With outstanding effects, red pine leaf extract is widely applied in many fields from health to beauty. However, among thousands of products with the same ingredients, choosing the right product with high quality red pine essential oil is also an issue that many consumers care about. 

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