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Tung Huong – Helps Relieve Pain, Cure Acne, Boils, Skin Scabies

Tung Huong – Helps Relieve Pain, Cure Acne, Boils, Skin Scabies
Date 20-07-2023 Views 1370

Tung incense or pine, high pine, and cedar are the solid part remaining after storing the resin of the ponytail pine. According to oriental medicine, pine incense has the effect of low apple, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bio-energetic, only system, anti-nung, pain-free, pus-free. The tree has the scientific name Pinus massoniana Lamb., belongs to the Pine family - Pinaceae.


Horsetail pine belongs to the type of straight and slender body, which can be more than 40m high. The average diameter is about 1m, the top is bright red. The original color is darker.

The branches, slender branches, at the ends of the branches contain a bunch of leaves that curl up like a horse's tail. Leaves are thin, soft, drooping, about 15-20cm long. Leaves are yellow-green, arranged in pairs at the tips of short branches. At the base, there are leaf sheaths about 1cm and durable.

The fruit is cone-shaped, broad ovoid, and has a short stalk. On the fruit body there is a flattened lozenge scale. The upper edge is rounded and includes many horizontal ridges.

The fruit contains flattened oval seeds, thin wings at the top. About 1.5cm long, the fruit usually ripens within 2 years. The tree has a flowering season from the beginning of April, the fruit ripens between November and December of the following year. (Do not copy in any form).

Medicinal Description:

Frankincense is actually pine resin that is refined with water. Medicinal herbs are dark yellow in color, varied in size. The color and appearance are very nice and eye-catching. The surface is smooth, slightly sticky, the core is transparent and has a distinctive aroma.


In our country, this is a common tree, occupying tens of thousands of hectares running from east to west of the northern provinces. Stretching to Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Quang Binh and Bac Can.

In the South, this species occupies an area of ​​about tens of thousands of hectares on the Langbiang plateau between Phan Rang and Phan Thiet. In addition, this tree also appears in Laos, Cambodia, and China.


The resin part of the tree is refined and concentrated with water to create cedarwood. In addition, leaves, pine eyes, pollen grains, bark, branches, kernels and male cones are also used.


To be able to harvest plastic, it takes at least 15-20 years to grow. Once every four years, the plastic is harvested, the time of harvest is from March to October. From the beginning of February, people have shaved off the shell on a compartment 10-15cm wide and 60-80cm long. Then in March, use a separate small hoe. Cut another piece of bark about 9cm wide, 1cm deep into the layer of wood about 3-4cm high.


To make incense, people do the following:

First put turpentine and white water into the pot, to store the steam. Then the essential oil will be distilled with steam, obtaining pine essential oil. The remaining concentrated part in the distillation pot is cedarwood.

If the turpentine has been refined before being distilled, the cedar will be clean and low in impurities. In the case of unrefined turpentine that is distilled, after obtaining the essential oil. We have to refine the cedarwood with water again, the dirt will settle in the water. To dissolve and filter when cooking, we need to use benzene solvent.


According to research literature in pine needles contain abietic anhydrite, abietic acid, all about 80%. Along with recsen, about 0.5% essential oil and a small amount of bitter substance.


The medical and pharmaceutical scriptures say that cedarwood has a bitter, sweet, mild taste, contains little toxicity and has a special aroma.


Frankincense has the effect of treating bleeding, vomiting blood, asthma. Treatment of long-term boils that do not heal in the mouth. Helps relieve pain, cure acne, boils, scabies on the skin.

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