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Quang Ninh Pine Stock Company was established in 1979. In the last 30 years of establishment and   development, our company has been growing as the largest enterprises of Vietnam, operating in the field of logging, purchasing and processing gum rosin. The foundation of our sustainable development is achieving high quality standards and stable sources of raw materials which accounts for 70% of market share of crude resin extraction in Vietnam. The company has made efforts to globalize with the market worldwide, confirming its position on international market. More than 98% of products are exported and to over 30 countries and territories, also with reputation for quality and the best customer services.
The main lines of business of Quang Ninh Pine Stock Company include exploiting, purchasing and processing of crude resin. We have two major product families, including GUMR ROSIN and GUM TURPENTINE OIL, which are extracted by modern and integrated technologies. Our products are widely applied to the manufacture of inks, paints, adhesives, food, medicine... The production capacity of Quang Ninh Pine Stock Company is roughly 20,000 tons of gum rosin annually.
The company constantly carries out researches to improve facilities, production lines, enhance product quality as well as expand to meet customer needs. We are also promoting investment in the manufacture of derivatives in addition to gum rosin and gum turpentine. The company's goal is to operate on a larger scale, with advanced technology that play important roles in pine chemicals industry in region as well as in global scale.
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