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Materials areas of ​​Quang Ninh Pine Stock Company are located and expanded nationwide, which have pine forests, accounting for more than 70% of Vietnam market share. Currently, our company is trying to purchase the remaining crude resin sources.

In 2012 company exploited and purchased approximately 17,500 tons of  crude resin.

In 2013, it is expected that estimated exploitation and purchasing amount reaches about 21,000 tons of Vietnam cruderesin and 2000 -3000 tons from importing. The company is promoting imports of raw crude resin to serve the expansion of production, with the target volume of each year is from 5000 to 8000 tons. 

At the moment, we have 03 types of crude resin:

1) Pinus Merkusii

2) Pinus Massoniana

3) Pinus Kesiya
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