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        1979 Establishment of the company. Our company was equipped with technology and equipment made in Germany of which capacity is about 5000 tons / year. However, due to lack of materials, resin processing procedures had to be performed manually.
        1991 Joint venture with Tomen Corporation – a reputed Japanese company, built Japanese production lines and technology with capacity of 2,000 tons / year. Crude resin sources were located mainly in Quang Ninh province with the provision of about 1,400 tons / year.
        1998 Tomen Corporation withdrew from the joint venture due to the financial crisis in Southeast Asia. What’s more, after 8 years of business, the output volume of resin did not reach the designed capacity.
        2004 The company changed into a joint stock company with 51% of state-owned capital.
        2007 Successfully studied and fabricated the second processing line in Quang Ninh with spare capacity of 5,000 tons / year based on the improvement of Japan technological chain.
        2009 Invested in a new production line in Quang Tri and in 2012 we invested in the fourth production line.
        2010 Quitting state-owned capital, our company completely changed into a joint stock company with 100% private capital of which controlling stake belongs to Duong Van Thom, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum CEO.
        2013 Currently, the company is installing the fifth production line for a new plant in Quang Ninh.
It is expected that by November 2014, all facilities of current plants will have been re-located in new plant with floor area of 3,5ha.
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